Content Creation Experience

Our Fashion Experience Pop-Up Stores will give you an opportunity to enjoy fashion for a fraction of the price you usually pay for a new dress.


Get your personal fashion experience. Share the content you have created with friends and followers.

The experience we are building will be available in different cities around the world. Sign up for our newsletter at moredash.com for more information on our Fashion Experience Pop-Up Stores and to receive early-bird invitations to our next Content Creation Studios across the world!

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What happens to me in your Content Creation Studio?

In every More Dash Content Creation Studio you will find a selection of clothing that you can try on and take photos and videos in our Content Creation Studio. We make sure that the content you create looks great and is ready to be shared across all your social media platforms - or just shared with friends and your loved ones.

How does the Content Creation Studio Work?

You will have 10 minutes (you are already wearing the look that you've selected in our pop-up) in front of the camera. Needless to say, we'll make sure to provide a backdrop for you!

How many looks can I wear during my 10 minutes?

You can wear as many looks as you’d like during the 10 minutes of your content creation experience. If 10 minutes isn’t enough, make sure to tell us about it - we’re still trying to figure out the best amount of time to offer. Thank you for being a part of this learning experience.

How will the photos and videos be delivered to my device?

It will be automatically sent to your phone. You will have it ready within a couple of minutes after your content creation experience.

What if I don’t like the experience?

Though we really hope you will, we would be happy to hear your thoughts about why it didn’t work. We want to improve every day and we believe each of our clients should be happy with the result. Shoot us an e-mail to hello@moredash.com and we’ll discuss what went wrong and how we can fix it.

Can I buy the look I was using for the content creation?

All looks are available for pre-orders online at moredash.com! Make sure to check our website before your visit - you will see lots of brands we are working with.

Will you provide make-up?

Not in our first Content Creation Studio! So we encourage you to come “picture-ready”!

Can I come with a friend?

2 people maximum, in this case buy 2 tickets for the selected time slot. But we suggest to experience Content Creation Studio on your own!

Will there be a line?

Like many events you've been to, there might be a line. However, since you'll be arriving during your designated time slot, the line will move fast. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your specified entry time. We’ll have a lot of things to show you while you are waiting:)

Will tickets be sold at the door?

We recommend to booking your timeslot in advance. Availability of tickets on the days of the pop-up store will be limited.

Is there parking?

No dedicated parking - only a regular street parking in the area, so we suggest to come in advance in order to find your parking spot!

Have a question we didn’t answer?

Find us on Instagram @moredashcom, DM us or leave the comment!

You can also reach us at hello@moredash.com

Once again, a step-by-step guide for you:

- Book your time slot

- Visit More Dash content-driven pop-up store

- Choose looks and try them on

- Create content and enjoy your fashion experience

- Receive photos and videos directly on your phone

- Share with friends

- Buy our curated selection of outfits at moredash.com