More Dash is a fashion experience retail company. We strongly believe in the power of content. In 2019, we pioneered the concept of the content-driven pop-up stores and launched a web platform where you can pre-order and buy clothing. Currently, our team works on new solutions while we continue to sell clothes here and at our partner's websites. 

For us at More Dash, fashion means shopping from authentic and innovative brands that produce their goods in ateliers rather than big factories. Here at More Dash we strive to empower new talents by providing a platform for them to be discovered by the global community. Together with you we are bringing fun and joy back to fashion! We are reducing the level of consumption by educating ourselves and by shopping only those pieces we truly need to own. How? We wear them first, we create content, and we buy those items after our friends and followers approve them.

As of recently, we are planning some cool stuff for you that will elevate your content experience online - stay tuned with our announcements at @moredashcom. Also, visit mdparis.agency to see what we are doing for some of our brands in wholesale.