Russian SCENARIUM brand defines aesthetics and special attention to fabrics, details and quality of execution. SCENARIUM brand is elegant and avant-garde at the same time. SCENARIUM features are fit and cut. And this is not surprising — masters that work with SCENARIUM brand using the Russian traditions of art modeling clothes.

Collections consist of oversize coat, the coat of wool and mohair, parks, woolen cardigans, classic bilateral coat, double-breasted jackets with contrasting embroidery, applique prints, silk velvet dresses and blazers, tops and skirts.

A special feature of Scenarium coats is high quality of fabrics, specially selected in France, Italy and Japan.

Before coat production all the fabrics tested through heat treatment procedure for shrinkage.

And for lining Scenarium uses only natural fabric silk-stretch. Lightweight and thin Boucle fabric coats allow not to freeze until late autumn. Natural Mohair, the most thick and warm fabric of the collections for their hardiness can compare even with fur coats.