Rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL

rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL has 2 main drivers, Pongsak Kobrattanasuk, the designer who has product and exhibition design background. Another key person is Thita Kamonetsawat who is responsible for the business part and also being the brand`s muse. rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL`s first collection launched in SS 2013. The Brand`s motto is «an individual imperfect beauty ideal». All of the collections deliver different perception of lace and prints.With a good blend of differences, it created rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL`s  strong uniqueness. It`s not about design but something in-between. Hanging somewhere full of feelings. rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL products are more like the feeling you can wear, a mood-and-tone creatore with a feeling of feminine beauty. The main stockists of the brand are: Concento (Japan), S*uce (UAE), Alara (Nigeria), Boutique 51 (Egypt),  Liger (China), NEU (Taiwan).


Full lookbook FW18


Full lookbook SS18



 SS 17