Deeply Personal

Deeply Personal is a contemporary women’s ready-to-wear fashion brand from Riga, Latvia. Brand’s first collection for Spring Summer 2016 immediately gained recognition from VOGUE Italy and Deeply Personal was invited to participate in VOGUE Talent zone – a special project organized by Sara Maino and Pitti Imagine. Elina Vanaga is the founder and creative director of Deeply Personal. Elina has studied fashion design in London Fashion College and Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

Inspiration for the new Spring Summer collection is the new up to date luxury – untamed yet innocent and waiting to be discovered seacoast of the Baltic sea. With due respect to French Riviera that has been a symbol of summer resort chic and guilty pleasures for centuries, the world today is searching for more natural beauty, where Baltic Riviera combines both – the chic and the purity.
The iconic stripes of Riviera fashion and naive details of the 1980s are the main motives of the collection. It is complemented by subtle, natural colors and light denim signature pieces. The fusion of pebble and cobblestone details and geometric asymmetry ads a discrete touch of city to the collection. Morning summer sun through a window in subtle sheer tops. Elegant interpretation of sailor wide leg trousers. Light, high quality cotton and viscose fabrics let one feel the gentle breeze of a delightful summer evening.